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Stunning Bathrooms

Our Bathroom department is one that we are very proud of! It has taken years to devise the right team to deliver the highest quality installations and bathroom furniture.

What we offer:

- A FREE Design consultation

- Full bathroom renovation including:

- Wall removals

- Tiling

- Electrics

- Plumbing work.

- Quality Bathroom Installations

Why do we not have a showroom?

As a family ran company over the years we have evolved into the leading home improvement company within the area. The way we have achieved this is by keeping our prices reasonable, offering a quality product and aftercare service. The truth is we have never needed a fancy showroom in order to gain new custom as 90% of our work comes from recommendations. As a company we are constantly looking at ways to keep the cost of jobs down to a minimum but still offer the highest level of service and product possible! Our customers are our showroom and if you are interested in seeing our work first hand we have many customers who would be happy to show you the quality of our work, why spend a fortune making our showroom look appealing when we can focus our efforts on YOU? (our customer). We do however have a wide range of door/ worktop samples within our offices located in Stafford park 15, TF33BB you are always welcome in for a tea/ coffee to discuss work further.

Why choose R&R Services?

You may be wondering what sets us apart from the rest? Why would you not go with a Kitchens and Bathroom specialist?

In truth it has taken us years of hard work and going above and beyond to develop the reputation we now carry with pride. The way our company is set up means our Kitchen and Bathroom department run their own specialist department within our offices. This means that our Kitchens and bathrooms guys can focus purely on delivering the highest quality product and service with the luxury of being able to dip into the building side as and when needed. So for example if you require a wall removal, want an orangery or extension to open up your kitchen we have the luxury to be able to offer all of these services to our customers with the comfort blanket of being under the roof of one company. This stops the horror stories you hear about jobs going on for months and months and allows us to have complete control

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