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Conservatory roof tiled upgrade

What are the benefits of upgrading my conservatory roof?

5 reasons you are going to want to change your conservatory roof to our lightweight Tapco tile!

1. Replacing the roof on your conservatory will give you a room that’s warm enough to use all year round. Just like any other room in your home, your new room will be warm and cosy on cold days and will also be much cooler than an outdated conservatory on a warm summer’s day. This alone is enough to convince most people that it is worth the cost! The technology in replacement conservatory roofs means that they are hugely more thermally efficient than old conservatories and can sometimes even be more thermally efficient than a traditionally built extension.

2. As explained above, a roof replacement will give you a room that’s a lovely comfortable temperature every day of the year, just like any other room in your home. The only other way you could achieve such a usable new room is to have an extension built, which would be much more expensive than replacing the roof on your conservatory. When comparing the cost of an extension vs a replacement conservatory roof, you’ll be reassured that a replacement conservatory roof is worth the cost – and more!

3. Replacement conservatory roofs are beautiful and will completely transform the appearance of your old conservatory. They’re also a fast project to complete – your replacement conservatory roof can be watertight in just one day! For a project that’s so fast and that will make such a difference to the outside appearance of your home, a conservatory roof replacement is worth the cost. Part of the beauty of a replacement conservatory roof is the amount of light they bring into your home – both the room below and any adjoining rooms too. Many people who replace their old conservatory roofs are replacing roofs that are glazed with polycarbonate. This is an opaque material that allows minimal light into the room below. You’ll be in complete agreement that a replacement conservatory roof is worth the cost once it’s been installed, complete with full-length glazed panels, and you see just how light and airy your home now feels. The benefits of natural light are endless and replacing your roof is worth the cost as your home will be flooded with natural light, making it feel brighter, more airy, larger, and more pleasant to spend time in.


4. There are many options available with a replacement conservatory roof and so you can personalise it to meet your exact requirements – another factor which will eliminate any niggling worries of is a conservatory roof replacement worth the cost. These options include a choice of tile colours, choice of roof glazing, choice of style, the option to make your roof EVEN more thermally efficient if you live in an especially exposed area, plus the option to tile with the same tiles as your home. We all want to express ourselves when improving our homes and a replacement conservatory roof lets you do just that by making sure it’s perfect for you and your home. A home improvement project that achieves all of this means that a replacement conservatory roof is worth the cost every time.


5. The final benefit on our top 5 list of things to help you understand why a replacement conservatory roof is worth the cost is the value that it will add to your home. Under Building Regulations, a conservatory is not classed as a year-round habitable room but a conservatory that has had a solid roof replacement is. This means that from a value point of view, replacing your conservatory roof is more akin to adding an extension, and so the value of your home will increase. A beautiful, warm, useable new room and your home will be worth more too – what more could you need to convince you that replacing your conservatory roof is worth the cost?

conservatory tiled roof internals
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