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Why choose an R&R Conservatory?

All frame work will be fully reinforced to the manufacturers specification; they will be fully welded with internal glazing bead for maximum security. The sealing gaskets in the windows are post extruded which are formed on the profile at the time of extruding; this prevents the seals shrinking with age ensuring your windows are always draught free.

All opening windows will be manufactured with high security pincing locking mechanisms for maximum security. They can be locked in a night ventilation position if required. All side openings will be installed with 90 degree easy clean fire escape hinges. Child safety restrictors can be added to openings. Quality cranked locking security handles will be installed; they come in a choice of white, Chrome, Gold, or black. Our locks come with the secure by design accolade of which more information is available on our download page.

Your roof will be manufactured in our global range as seen on TV. It boasts BS kitemarks and has the following advantages over our competitors,

Conservatory Roof Testing Video

Click on the link to see the testing its quite amazing: Conservatory Roof Testing Video

A: Roof profile matches our window system extruded by the same company.

B: 35mm polycarbonate sheet thickness or 24mm glass option.

C: All rafters are bolted from inside thus no holes are drilled in rafters, eliminating water ingress inherent with other systems. It also has concealed gaskets giving the roof line a clean look without black lines around the edges.

On the outside, the rafter will be closed with a decoration end cap, to give the roofline an attractive finish. The roof will be sealed to the house wall with lead flashing. Any box guttering will be installed with our unique hanging plate eliminating the need to drill holes in it to fix it. 

Choices for polycarbonate are as follows:-

Opalite white, clear or bronze tinted (quoted as standard in your shell cost).

Opal Heat-guard offers a solar reflecting surface; this product is ideal for south facing conservatories. The external surface has a silver grey appearance which at a glance looks similar to a glass roof; the internal face is opal white; light transmission is slightly reduced compared with opalite. Heat-guard will add £50 inc vat if required.

Polycarbonate achieves an excellent performance u value of 1.3Wm/2k.

Glass roofs are becoming more and more popular; we offer standard toughened glass or Pilkingtons Active range of self cleaning solar control glass. The roof profile can accommodate either polycarbonate or glass.



New building regulations as of 1st October 2010 - The glass installed in the windows will conform to the new regulations achieving a minimum u value of 1.6 Wmk/2 overall. Windows that achieve this rating of this will be equivalent to a C rated window. We offer an A rated equivalent. Have a look at our window energy reports: Reports

All windows and doors are toughened to safety requirements. Click on the 'N' image for the building regulation document N critical glazing locations.

Pilkington opti-white external pane, swiss V warm edge spacer bar, Argon gas filled units with Opti-K glass inner pane. This will have an overall thickness of 28mm.

Pilkington patterned glass choice for bathrooms,doors etc.

Installation Teams

We have several installation teams who are employed directly by R&R Services. They are not sub contractors on piece work. They will install 3 or 4 windows per day usually starting upstairs. They are paid a fixed weekly rate therefore it is of no advantage to rush your windows and perform a substandard job. Please note most of our competitors use contractors on a price per window. This forces the fitters to rush the job in order to make a living. This often leads to the nightmare stories we have all heard about connected to our industry!

The next step and payment

We do not need a deposit. Email order confirmation is acceptable enough to place an order with us. We will return to do a final survey at which point you can decide colour options, glass patterns ect. As we do not take a deposit we do ask for prompt payment on completion / satisfaction. We accept cheques directly to our installation teams or by bank transfer to the details on your final invoice. Cash payments do not help us due to the high bank charges paying cash in over the counter.

All costs inc vat @ current rate of 20%. 

The Best Of Telford and Walsall and Trading Standards Register

We are proud to have joined Telford & Wrekin and the Trading Standards trade register. We have undergone their strict vetting procedure in order to have achieved this accolade. This is very important for our business instilling peace of mind and confidence to our customers.

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