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Homemade Waterfall

This waterfall idea stemmed from one of our company directors Rob. He had a declining garden and wanted a way to drown out the noise of the road. On his own property he could use this as a test run and the finished product is absolutely stunning. The creation of man made rock could be scaled down and used in many other creative ways. Perhaps you have had a similar idea in mind? Get in touch! 

We love animals at R&R, after over 50 combined years of creating dream homes for customers we thought, why not translate this for our treasured pets. Generally dog kennels are known to be dark, gloomy places filled with concrete. Our UPVC Dog kennels are the height of luxury for your pampered pooch. Some of the dog kennels at Chetwynd Kennels and Cattery even have TV's so your cat/dog doesn't have to miss out on the soaps while you're away!

UPVC Dog Kennels & Cattery

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