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At R&R we know how daunting it can be to take on any home improvement, this is why we aim to make every step of the way as accommodating as possible. Here at R&R we offer a wide range of home improvements; from windows and doors to full garage conversions, meaning each process will be unique to you, the customer, and the dream you have for your home. Being in this industry for over 20 years, we know how important structure can be in a process like this, so before you choose us, take a look at our brief overview of the R&R experience...

Stage 1: Contact us 

At R&R we do not cold call, our customers get in contact with us as we believe in NO pressure sales. We always have our friendly office staff to answer your calls, so give us a ring and book your quote in today.

Stage 2: Free non-obligatory quote

Once you have inquired and all booked in, one of our highly experienced sale representatives or our company director will come and visit you, taking a look at the work you want doing and constructing a quote, this is a great time for them to answer any initial concerns or questions you may have.

Stage 4: The build

If decided to go ahead with our services, the first step is to accurately survey the job, then really get started on your home improvements. At R&R we know how disrupting work on your home can be, that is why we always plan around your schedule, ensuring it is as smooth and comfortable experience for all our customers, always certain to clear any excess products, leaving your  home as clean and as tidy as we found it.

Stage 5: Payment 

At R&R full payment is required upon completion, there are no initial up front costs, this applies for the majority of our work. However it must be noted on larger jobs we may take stage payments for cash flow purposes.

Stage 3: Construct a design quotation

At this stage, we will go away and design an accurate quotation, with specific measurements, giving you a real insight into the logistics of the job, what the final project will look like, and your unique process that will take place, attached with a detailed accurate price. All this information will then be sent via email or post, to which it is then  entirely in your hands to decide whether to choose our services, taking as much time as you need.

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