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Windows & Doors

UPVC Windows

We are proud of all our installations, windows are carefully installed without affecting the surrounding decor. Our windows are a multi chambered system offering five thermal chambers in order to comply with the new regulations. The profile used is Legend 70mm Unplasticized poly vinyl chloride UPVC. We specifically use a 70mm system for strength & rigidity, plus it also has the added advantage of usually matching the thickness of the timber window we are replacing. Legend 70mm is 100% virgin profile and has no reground profile included. It is extruded in the UK. Most existing timber windows measure 70mm therefore our profile fills the same gap, unlike most competitors who use 60mm profiles. Profile blend mixing is done in-house maintaining quality and consistency, so your windows are not likely to discolour or be brittle like the cheaper alternatives! All frame work will be fully reinforced to the manufacturers specification; they will be fully welded with internal glazing bead for maximum security. The sealing gaskets in the windows are post extruded which are formed on the profile at the time of extruding, this eliminants the draught beading seals shrinking back over time and the windows becoming draughty. 

All opening windows will be manufactured with high security pincing locking mechanisms for maximum security. They can be locked in a night ventilation position if required. All side openings will be installed with 90 degree easy clean fire escape hinges. Child safety restrictors can be added to openings if required. Quality cranked locking security handles will be installed; they come in a choice of white, chrome, gold or black. Our locks come with the secure by design accolade; more information is available on our download page.

All waste will be removed from your property, rooms will be fully dust sheeted and vacuumed each day, ensuring you have nothing more to do but to enjoy your new windows and doors.

Flush Casement

Composite Doors

Don’t compromise, go composite we don’t believe in compromising on quality. We’ve brought together materials to give you the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security, and weather resistance. Oh – and great looks as well. Behind that rather scientific-sounding name, you’ll find the latest technology and design in doors. When you’re indoors you’ll enjoy loads of style, strength and security. Our composite door is thick – but it’s also very smart. In fact it’s 44mm thick (compare that to conventional PVC panel doors at 28mm). Its powerful too, its super-strong structural frame and up-to-the-minute hardware makes our composite door even more secure. Its glass reinforced plastic finish means you’ll be secure in all weathers and enjoying great looks for years to come. 


Aluminium windows & Doors

Aluminium windows & doors are becoming increasingly popular in our industry. The 2 links below explain everything there is to know. 

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