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This blog will hopefully give you a small insight into the inflation of the housing market, looking at how it is a much better investment to stick at the property you have and improve on top of that rather than upping and moving. Inflation is defined as the increase in the price of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. As this blog relates to the housing market, inflation can drive up house prices and lead to many potential buyers being priced out of buying a property. Looking into the UK property status over the last 60 years, a house in modern Britain costs roughly 121 times as much as it did in the early 1950s. The first thing to consider is why? What factors are involved in pushing up house prices? There are numerous arguments involved, but one of the simplest explanations involves the economic principle of supply and demand; When there's increased demand for or reduced supply of homes, house prices will go up.

So, taking this into consideration and looking at the figures, it’s a scary and investment moving to a new house in modern Britain, nobody knows when it’s the best time to move. We also know the constant turnover of what’s considered ‘modern’ and keeping up with the recent trends in your home and the inevitable change in your style from that of when you first bought your home. So, if you want to change things up but not quite ready for the daunting commitment of moving to a new house, our perfect answer to this solution is to not move but IMPROVE!

At R&R Services we offer a wide variety of home improvements that can make minor or drastic changes to your home, whether that be an extension, a garage/Room conversion, an orangery, a new set of windows and doors, walls knocking through or a new kitchen, our list continues with more info on our website and social media pages.

With our exceptional reputation, winning best customer feedback of the year 2018, it takes the risk factor out of the equation, knowing your home is in the hands of a reliable company with over 20 years’ experience.

Stay tuned for our future blogs which will look further into each of our of home improvements we have to offer, looking at which ones best for you, giving you all information you will need on making your dream home, offering pros and cons so you know your in the best hands going into everything eyes wide open with nothing to worry about!

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